30 Day Discount Detox

1 Nov

…a title so good I bought the domain name. I must say I probably buy more domain names than anything else and it can get to be an expensive habit. The $12.17 total I got while checking out at GoDaddy didn’t sit well with me. That combined with my rent check due today and the chance of a poorly timed automatic debit for some bill I’ve forgotten about could put my account in the red. If I see another overdraft fee on my BofA account I will flip. It costs money to have money (service fees) and even more to not have it (overdraft fees and credit card interest). I’ve been really good about that this year so I’ll stop before my blood pressure gets too high.

So in the spirit of my new financial diet I, according to the rules I’ve set for myself, had to find a discount online. There was no way in hell I was going to let my first purchase get the best of me. Found a promo code, which took about 90 seconds, and saved 49%. Well done. Just about anything you search online, if followed by “promo code”, in the search box will give you dozens of codes, most of which will actually work. There is never any reason to pay full price for anything online.

1) Bills, utilities, prescriptions and subscriptions that I’ve already been paying consistently will continue at their current price, any discount I manage to get on those is a bonus.

2) Dollar or 99¢ store items can be purchased at current prices.

3) No restaurant meals unless purchased with a Groupon or Living Social coupon, it’s happy hour or someone else is buying.

4) Everything else must be purchased using coupons, promotions, 2-for-1 type deals, news paper ad specials, rebates or some other form of discount.

5) All discounts must be documented with receipts or photos.

And I’ll be posting my purchases at the end of everyday.

Now I must say, I am a bit apprehensive. None of my favorite fast food places have coupons that I know of and I dont know if I can go 30 days without a Chipotle burrito. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen eggs for sale. Does Trader Joe’s even have sales? Are there discounts in the produce section at all? This is going to be interesting.

At the moment I have a serving of frozen pasta, 2 pieces of Naan from TJ’s and 3 packs of Ramen. It’s going to be a long 30 days…


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