Tiny House Interlude #2

2 Apr

The Galapagos made by Tortoise Shell Homes. All steel studded tiny houses.

I was on Think Big, Build Small: A Tiny House Community on Facebook this morning and joined a convo about “why haven’t you built your tiny house yet?” The consensus thus far seems to be lack of starter funds or still in planning phase. I happen to claim both of those as well as trouble finding a place to build it. I’ve been looking into warehouse space within reasonable driving distance of my current residence and there doesn’t seem to be much of it. At least not with a 14 ft. garage door so I can haul it out once I’m done.

Anyway, I mentioned enlisting the help of others or getting sponsorship & donations and one lady in Oregon wanted to know how I would go about doing that…you can read my responses and all the comments thus far here.

I’m hoping the strategies I mentioned there plus a few others will ultimately cut my building cost in half from 20K to 10K. That is if I stick to the traditional stick-built plan. I am also considering drawing up plans for advanced framing (preplanning to minimize lumber usage to build the same structure) and steel framing to compare the cost and incentives. Not sure how road worthy that would be though…hmmm.

Future Posts:

Traditional Wood vs. Steel Studs vs. Advanced Wood Framing (apparently steel being costly & bad for load bearing walls may not be true, more research needed)

My Tiny House scaled model! Starting it this week to work out layout ideas.

LA Housing codes…an answer once and for all


3 Responses to “Tiny House Interlude #2”

  1. Hontz April 5, 2012 at 7:29 am #

    Keep the faith. The advantage to these things is that if you screw up, they’re small enough that the mistake won’t cripple the whole project, even if it can’t be fixed. Try not to plan too much, and have fun.

    • Half-price April 5, 2012 at 9:55 am #

      Until I have some capital & a building location planning is where I stand. But I will definitely try not to overthink it. Thanks for the advice and for your latest post. I appreciate your perspective on the zoning laws. Not something I had considered up until that point.

      • Jonathan Hontz April 5, 2012 at 11:34 am #

        After working with the City of Denver for awhile, I realized that sometimes I wanted to just tell people, “Look, just do what you had in mind. I can’t approve this and neither will anyone else at the City, but I can almost assure you that nobody will know if you do it without permission.” Many of the building inspectors would sympathize, too. Not all of them, but some of them are just as amazed by the cryptic nature of the codes they enforce.

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