Simple by Design, a documentary

Simple by Design, a documentary film by Marjorie Alexander, is about attainable & sustainable living and voluntary simplicity.

I’ll be examining and including the following:

1) “How we got here”: forced consumerism, the boom of the housing industry in the post-war 40’s, perceived status indicators

2) What some people are doing about it (this is the meat & potatoes): featurettes & interviews with people who have achieved their ideal lifestyle by downsizing & simplifying

3) Educate about the impact of overconsumption, especially that of land and misuse of water resources

4) What the “average”, “non-treehugger” person who doesn’t want to live in under 300 sq ft can do to move toward more simple living.

*I wan’t to be outspoken about why things are the way they are but I also want to be inclusive of those who don’t see themselves as tiny-living compatible and still offer inspiration and solutions.

A Kickstarter project will be launched around August 1, 2012 and an official website will be up in August.

If you would like to be considered as an interviewee or would like to recommend someone please contact me at


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